Sorry, Online Registration is Closed

Love Burn 2024 Ticket Sales and Transfers are closed. We had to shut it down to run the event. 

As your ticket says, you could transfer or change them up to 7 days prior to event start. We gave you more time. We did. We love you, but we gotta get stuff done.

If you have any ticketing questions, please email [email protected]. 

The Ticket Team responds from 11am to 11pm EST.

Please DO NOT post ticket questions on Social and Email. 

We have a team dedicated to answering your ticket questions via email. They can answer 99% of your questions faster than we can say Sparkle Galactica!


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Any Ticket Questions?
Email [email protected]


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Our Mission is to grow a happy, prosperous community that encourages interactive art.

Since 2014, The Love Burn has grown from a small group to thousands of builders, creators, artists, doers, musicians and friends. 

We gather together annually on the beautiful island in Miami to grow, share, learn, be, and celebrate the possibilities of life, art, music and love.

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TICKET QUESTIONS: Email [email protected]